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    LEE Bullet Seating Die 38-55 / 375 WIN

    Lee Precision 38-55 Winchester / 375 Winchester Bullet Seating Die for ammo reloading. Designed for precise seating of bullet in a brass case. Thread 7/8"-14. Lee Precision SEAT DIE ONLY 38-55 / 375 WIN

    Brand:Lee Precision

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    A single LEE Bullet Seating Die 38-55 / 375 WIN

    Caliber: 38-55 Winchester / 375 Winchester
    Thread: 7/8"-14

    The seating die is used for accurate seating of the bullet into the cartridge case. The use of a proper seating die ensures that the bullet is always seated in alignment and at a given length.

    Setting dies for rifle calibers do not include a crimp notch (tooth). If you want to use reloaded ammo in a magazine, you need to crimp the bullets with a crimp die.

    The seating depth of the bullet is adjusted by screwing the set screw in the top of the die.

    Plastová krabička pro skladování 1DIE BOX je prodávána samostatně.

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