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          Hard Gun Cases

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          Hard gun case with protective foam lining. Dimensions 23,5x16x4,6cm. Fits CZ 75 Tactical Sports (tested by us).

          3,42 EUR 
          In stock

          Chokes case

          1,84 EUR 
          In stock

          For securing gun cases with sliding lock.

          4,00 EUR 
          In stock

          Hard gun case for handgun 30,5cm x 19cm x 6cm

          7,13 EUR 
          In stock
          NEG_2037 SEC

          Hard Gun case for handgun 29cm x 19cm x 6,3cm

          10,80 EUR 
          In stock
          NEG_2016 SEC

          Hard gun case for handgun 44,5cm x 19,3cm x 8cm

          17,59 EUR 
          In stock
          NEG_2003 ISY

          Gun case for handgun Waffenkoffer für Pistole 56,5cm x 41cm x 10,5cm XXL

          35,96 EUR 
          In stock

          Hard shotgun/rifle case with partitions. Dimensions 80x24x7cm.

          38,34 EUR 
          In stock

          Hard shotgun/rifle case with protective foam lining. Dimensions 80x21x8cm.

          32,38 EUR 
          In stock
          NEG_1604 SEC

          Wide gun case for shotgun 82cm x 29cm x 8cm

          35,17 EUR 
          In stock
          NEG_1647 SEC

          Resistant gun case for rifle 110cm x 25cm x 10cm

          46,55 EUR 
          In stock
          NEG_1642 SEC

          Resistant gun case for rifle 105cm x 25cm x 10cm

          45,34 EUR 
          In stock
          Special offer
          NEG_1640 C ISY

          Sturdy gun case for rifle. Dimensions 117cm x 29cm x 12cm.

          70,30 EUR 
          In stock
          NEG_1690 ISY

          Sturdy gun case for rifle. Dimensions 90cm x 33cm x 10,5cm.

          60,92 EUR 
          In stock
          NEG_1645 LX-EXP

          Hard plastic holster for O/U or side-by-side shotgun with high barrel up to 86 cm, velvet lining and leather trim.

          291,13 EUR 
          In stock
          NEG_1637 SEC

          Hard rifle case with protective foam lining. Dimensions 120x23x11cm.

          41,96 EUR 
          In stock
          NEG_1640 SEC

          Extra large hard gun case. Dimensions 130x32,5x13cm. Fits long Mosin Nagant.

          77,88 EUR 
          In stock
          NEG_5006 DCL

          Sturdy, padded plastic rifle scope box. Durable hinges with metal axle. Internal dimensions: 70 mm x 97 mm x 425 mm (height, width, length).

          12,42 EUR 
          In stock

          Luxurious Rifle Case with wheels. Sturdy and durable.

          305,50 EUR 
          Backordered item
          NEG_2023 LX

          Hard plastic case for handguns with leather trim and velvet lining

          123,42 EUR 
          Backordered item
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