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    TRIEBEL - Full Length Sizing Die 50 Browning (50 BMG) (1 1/4″-12)

    High-end 50 Browning (50 BMG) FL Sizing Die for precision ammo reloading. Standard 1 1/4″-12 thread. Made by Triebel Waffenwerkzeuge Gmbh.


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    Caliber: 50 Browning (50 BMG)

    Thread: Standard 1 1/4″-12

    Full Length Sizing Die

    The FL-dies are used to size a cartridge along its entire length.

    In addition to a removable expander Triebel FL-dies have an integrated primer ejector pin.
    All used spindles, the expander and ejector pin can be replaced easily if necessary, with just little effort.

    The neck of the case is calibrated from the inside when it is moved out of the die. This will form the cartridge case and achieves a correct neck tension. The correct position of the die in the press is set with the lock nut.

    Especially the dies with 1 ¼"-12 Gg thread are characterized by highest steadiness and durability. 
    The required forces for the sizing process are significantly smaller than with the 7/8”-dies.

    This protects your reloading press and gives more even results, than the sizing with too weak reloading tools.

    German company TRIEBEL Wafferwerkzeuge Gmbh produces high-quality reloading dies and gunsmithing tools for almost all calibers up to 25mm. 
    Their customized solutions can help in the production of your match ammunition. 
    The reloading dies are manufactured exclusively in Triebel company in Germany!


    Rifle / Handgun / Universal
    Rifle / Handgun / Universal
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    Full Length Sizing

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